How To Start Freelancing [Side Hustler's Manual]

Ken Marshall
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If you're reading this, you're ready to level up and start your very own freelance business or create a second stream of income through a side hustle.

Amazing. You've taken the red pill, life will never be the same.

Click the button to get started.

If you're not so ready, but you are freelancer curious, read on (:

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You're talented in art, web design, writing, marketing, or another creative field but find it hard to monetize.
  • You've got a 9-5 that pays the bills but destroys the soul.
  • You see a ton of ads and even "influencers" talking about becoming a millionaire in 30 days but don't actually tell you how (or have it themselves).
  • You have the burning desire to travel or do more with your life, but there's no time.
  • Your mom and dad really need you to move out soon...

Why my guide?

Great question, let me introduce myself.

My full name is Kenneth David Warren Marshall, but you can call me Ken.

I went from full time employee to freelancer in about a year. I wasn't a millionaire but I was able to replace my income and completely change my life on my own terms.

Am I still learning, growing, and facing challenges everyday? You bet your sweet bottom dollar I am.

However, these days I dont wake up depressed about going to a job I don't like or in a panic about bills.

I sold my first agency after freelancing and now i'm working on growing another. It's difficult, but incredibly rewarding. I want that for you too, and the first step is always making the leap from job > job + freelance or job > freelance business owner.

From there, you'll have so much more room to breathe and decide where you want to take your life.

My purpose for creating this guide was to give you a 100% complete overview of the information and resources you need to create and scale your own freelance stream of income.

Step by step, using battle tested methods, with no fluff, no unrealistic expectations, and no upsells.

I'll walk you through:

  • What kind of freelance jobs are out there
  • Why you should hold off on quitting your 9-5 before starting
  • How to successful transition to freelancing on the side while keeping your 9-5
  • Defining your ideal client
  • Creating the perfect offer
  • Finding your first client
  • How to get paid
  • How to standardize deliverables and manage hired help (scaling)
  • Client retention and providing long term value
  • Dealing with unexpected challenges

Some inspiration from others just like you:

"I feel as though I was able to break through on some decisions I had been wavering on – and I also have a framework for thinking about other goals in the future”

"While I already had a pretty clear idea who I was and how I could make money, I found the activities useful to sharpen my vision."

The best time to get started is always yesterday.

You'll be glad you did.

You got this.

Let's go.

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How To Start Freelancing [Side Hustler's Manual]

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